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General Application: To support and reduce pressure to lower back alleviating conditions of low back pain; muscle strain or lumbar sprain.

How It Works: Supports lower back with warmth and compression. Support will provide stability to the area. Warmth will help promote flexibility, reducing chance of further injury.

Design Theory: Designed to focus compression on lower back, the Pro-Tec back wrap is not bulky or overly cumbersome. Contoured to increase comfort, this wrap stays in place, maintaining consistent support.

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Back Pain
Medical Definition: A low back strain is the tearing or excessive stretching to the muscle fibers of the lower back.

Medical Definition for Lumbar Sprain: A lumbar sprain is the tearing of lower back ligaments away from their attachments.

Causes: Heavy lifting, improper posture, sudden movement or twisting, excess body weight, weak stomach muscles.

Symptoms: Pain during movement, inability to bend or twist without pain, tightness and stiffness. Injured muscles may tighten or spasm, which is the body's defense mechanism to immobilize the area and prevent further damage.

Recommended Treatment: Reduce activity to promote healing. Ice area during inactivity. Stretching is recommended pre or post activity if they do not cause pain. A back support will help reduce strain to area during activity. As with any orthopedic injury, a consultation with a medical professional is recommended.

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