COMPRESSPORT UNISEX 3D Thermo Ultralight LS Shirt Racket - BLACK


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This 3D Thermo Ultralight long-sleeved shirt is constructed without seams, knitted in 3D and the finest fibres. In 68g of fabric, it offers perfect heat regulation so your body does not have to fight to stay at the ideal but rather focus on saving energy to outperform. Featherweight, thanks to the extreme fineness of the fibres and muslin softness, you won’t feel it!

First developed for cyclists, the 3D Thermo Ultralight LS Shirt is now adopted by all professional athletes, among which the Racket sportsmen and sportswomen. Perfect from autumn to spring, on clay or grass tennis courts.

The 3D weave controls temperature variations and helps the body stay within normal temperature range.
The body stays in optimal conditions and performs at full potential.
Ventilation channels and air cushions help evacuate sweat and heat.
As a base layer, it protects against the cold so the body saves energy to focus on performance.

• Very light at only 68 grams, you don’t feel it!
• It is second skin without causing any discomfort, thanks to the muslin softness of the fibres.
• The fabric does not retain water or sweat.
• Seamless and body hugging, this shirt provides maximum comfort and total freedom of movement. Ideal when practising racket sports!

• The light compression zone in the back guarantees ideal spinal posture.
• Proper back positioning provides a better posture alignment that protects muscles and tendons from injury and pain.
• Muscle oxygenation is improved during workout and after which facilitates recovery.
• 3D patches on the sleeves allow localised compressive support to the biceps and triceps.
• Shocks and vibrations are absorbed so you stay supported and stronger during effort.

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Additional Information

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